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النسخة العربية

About Dr Sameh Fathy





• The first specialty Center of its type in Egypt and the Middle East.

• The Center commenced in 2005 with the embolization and radiofrequency ablation of hepatic and lung tumors. In a year’s time, many other remarkable services have been added to the services uniquely offered by the Center in Egypt such hydrocision, nucleoplasty, epiduroscopy , CCSVI for MS patients and non surgical catheterization for impotence treatment.

• The Center staffed with a big number of PhD, fellowship, and Canadian Board consultants of intervention , anesthesia, pain therapy, vascular surgery  and intensive care.

• The Center has successfully treated over 400 multiple sclerosis patients from the USA, Canada, Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Greece, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Syria.

• The Center has successfully treated over 20,000 liver malignant tumor patients.

• The Center gives minimally-invasive treatment of malignant tumors , as well as catheter treatment of backbone pains, all pains of malignant tumors, impotence and multiple sclerosis.

• The Center is under a contract with the Medical Insurance in Alexandria and Beherrah Governorates, for treatment of liver tumors and many interventional services.

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   Canada Health Scientific.




Egypt CCSVI   Kwait CCSVI  Canada CCSVI






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