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Tumours pain management

Causes of Cancer Pain:

Pain from the tumor. Most cancer pain occurs when a tumor presses on bone, nerves, or body organs, and may vary according to location, (i.e., a small tumor pressing on a nerve or vital organ may cause severe pain, while a larger tumor elsewhere may cause little discomfort.)
Pain from cancer treatment. Cancer treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation may also cause pain. Painful conditions are more likely to occur in patients whose immune system has been suppressed as a result of these therapies.
Pain from other causes. Like everyone else, cancer patients have pain that has no relationship to their illness. Headaches, muscles strains, or other aches and pains associated with arthritis, kidney stones, etc., may cause pain, too. These conditions can normally be treated along with cancer pain

Types of Pain:

The three most common types of cancer pain are:

Acute pain. Defined as pain that comes on quickly and may be severe, but lasts a relatively short period of time.
Chronic pain. Defined as pain that may range from mild to severe and persists or progresses over a long period of time.
Breakthrough pain. Defined as pain that occurs in patients with chronic pain that is controlled by medications.

pulsed radiofrequency treatment is used to reduce neuropathic pain in spinal nerve roots. Similar to electrothermal treatment, this radiofrequency treatment does not heat the nerve, and the energy is delivered in short bursts rather than continuously. The short bursts simply change the behavior of the nerve rather than destroy it. In many patients this change is sufficient to relieve the pain.

Pulsed radiofrequency Radiofrequency Neurotomy

A radiofrequency neurotomy (or nerve ablation) is a treatment option for facet joint pain that uses heat to interrupt pain signals sent to the brain. It is administered by placing an electrode under fluoroscopic guidance adjacent to the medial branch nerves, which transmit sensation from the facet joints. The heat creates a lesion that interrupts the signals sent from these nerves and therefore relieves pain.
The pain relief from this procedure can last 9-12 months, although it can last for up to several years for some patients. Results are usually felt several weeks after the neurotomy. This procedure may be repeated if the pain recurs.
control. Thus, RF is becoming more common as a treatment modality for pain control for various reasons.
treatment can be effective for 9-18 months.



Tumours pain management

Tumours pain management



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