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The SpineJet HydroDiscectomy Systems harness the power of water to cleanly remove tissue without the risk of thermal energy.

Powered by patented fluidjet technology, the award winning systems represent a major advance in minimally invasive discectomy and are ideal for performing various types of discectomy procedures.

HydroCision is the leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of fluidjet based surgical tools for the spine market. Incorporated in 1994, HydroCision's proprietary fluidjet technology is the basis of a new surgical modality leveraging compelling features and offering application versatility. The company is currently developing a broad range of fluidjet-based products to meet the needs of spine specialists.

HydroCision develops and markets fluidjet based surgical tools that enable physicians to provide fast, safe and effective patient care. HydroCisionís HydroSurgery System:


Leverages proven technology that works faster than conventional methods Enables safe procedures and promotes the healing process Is simultaneously less invasive and more effective By controlling hair-thin fluidjets at supersonic speeds, physicians can:

Minimize the effort and time required to remove tissue
Selectively resect compromised tissue and spare healthy tissue
Realize patient satisfaction

HydroCisionís technology is ideally suited to meet the current and future needs of the spine surgeon by providing a complete system solution for tissue resection and removal. Our FDA-cleared spine devices quickly, precisely, and selectively cut and evacuate hard and soft tissue safely and continuously giving the spine surgeon an excellent alternative to hand tools and RF devices. The high-velocity, non-thermal fluid jet cuts tissue continuously, reducing procedure time and surgeon fatigue. The power of the fluidjet with its inherent tissue selectivity is designed to easily cut and remove tissue without damaging surrounding cartilage and bone



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